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Fjællegaard Jensen
PhD fellow

Room: POR/16.A-3.36

My current research projects focus on the roles of gender and family in the labour market. Utilising Danish register data, I do research on gender variations in tasks, in labour market outcomes, and in occupational distributions. For example, I test how the employment of task-specific skills and their returns depend on the gender of the worker by exploiting a novel combination of Danish job vacancy data and matched employer-employee register data. I am particularly interested in gendered consequences of technological replacement of workers.

Before commencing my PhD in economics at Copenhagen Business School, I studied both economics and gender studies at the University of Cambridge, UK.

I visited the Centre for Economic Performance at London School of Economics from January to June 2018 and the Department of Economics at Stanford University in February 2020.

Primary research areas
  • Labour economics
  • Technological change and computerisation
  • Occupational segregation
  • Economics of discrimination and inequalities
  • Gender and feminist theory
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Mathias Fjællegaard Jensen / Reconciling Anti-essentialism and Quantitative Methodology
In: Kvinder, Køn & Forskning, Vol. 26, No. 1, 2017, p. 8-17
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