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Christine is an Assistant Professor with the Copenhagen School of Energy Infrastructure (CSEI) at Copenhagen Business School and currently also a visiting fellow with the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies. Her main research interest is in network regulation, pricing and market design. In her research, she analyses the interactions of different regulatory, market design and policy options in energy systems. Thus, she has participated in and led several research projects on flexible network users, smart grids and the integration of renewable energy sources into the energy systems.

She obtained her PhD in Energy Economics from Jacobs University Bremen and holds Master’s degrees from Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan in Stockholm, École des Mines in Nantes and Universidad Politécnica in Madrid as a result of the Erasmus Mundus joint Master course in Management and Engineering of Environment and Energy.

Primary research areas
  • Energy networks and monopoly regulation
  • Market design for energy and network access
  • Energy policy, innovation and technology support schemes
  • Energy demand flexibility and pricing
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Christine Brandstätt; Manuel Llorca; Alexandra Lüth; Jens Weibezahn; Tooraj Jamasb / Conclusions on Integrated Network Planning in Europe : The STEERS Project.
Copenhagen : Copenhagen School of Energy Infrastructure 2023, 4 p. (CSEI Policy Brief, No. 17)
Working paper
Christine Brandstätt; Leonard Göke; Manuel Llorca; Alexandra Lüth; Jens Weibezahn / Draft Methodology for Integrated Network Planning in Europe : A Deliverable of the Steers-project.
Copenhagen : Copenhagen School of Energy Infrastructure 2022, 28 p. (CSEI Report)
Report > peer review
Rahmatallah Poudineh; Christine Brandstätt; Farhad Billimoria / Electricity Distribution Networks in the Decentralisation Era : Rethinking Economics and Regulation.
Cham : Palgrave Macmillan 2022, 141 p.
Book > peer review
Christine Brandstätt / European Network Development Planning for Integrated Energy Systems
In: Oxford Energy Forum, No. 134, 2022, p. 51-54
Journal article > peer review
Johannes Schaffert; Hans Christian Gils; Max Fette; Hedda Gardian; Christine Brandstätt; Thomas Pregger; Nils Brücken; Eren Tali; Marc Fiebrandt; Rolf Albus; Frank Burmeister / Integrating System and Operator Perspectives for the Evaluation of Power-to-Gas Plants in the Future German Energy System
In: Energies, Vol. 15, No. 3, 2.2022
Journal article > peer review
Martin Palovic; Christine Brandstätt; Gert Brunekreeft; Marius Buchmann / Strategic Behavior in Market-based Redispatch : International Experience.
In: The Electricity Journal, Vol. 35, No. 3, 4.2022
Journal article > peer review
Marius Buchmann; Gert Brunekreeft; Christine Brandstätt; Martin Palovic; Anna Pechan / Handlungsbedarfe und Weiterentwicklungsoptionen im Energiemarktdesign auf dem Weg zur Klimaneutralität : Begleitung des Querschnittsmoduls Energiemarktdesign.
Bremen : Jacobs University 2021, 118 p.
Christine Brandstätt; Rahmatallah Poudineh / Market-Based Allocation and Differentiation of Access Rights to Network Capacity in Distribution Grids
Oxford : The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies 2021, 18 p. (OIES Paper, No. EL 45)
Working paper > peer review
Christine Brandstätt / Network Charging Schemes and Self-Supply : Instruments to Prevent Self-reinforcing Dynamics .
Bremen : Jacobs University 2021, 29 p. (Bremen Energy Working Papers, No. 37)
Working paper > peer review
Martin Palovic; Christine Brandstätt; Gert Brunekreeft; Marius Buchmann / Strategisches Verhalten bei marktbasiertem Redispatch : Die internationalen Erfahrungen .
: Jacobs University 2021, 31 p. (Bremen Energy Working Papers, No. 36)
Working paper > peer review
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