Rockwool Foundation grant for Anders Sørensen


The Rockwool Foundation has granted CBS Economics Department Professor Anders Sørensen 720,000 DKK to carry out the research project ”Curriculum, educational performance and wages”. The project includes other researchers from CBS as well as from the University of Southern Denmark. The project contributes to the overall Rockwool Foundation project ”The benefit of education to society”.

The purpose of the project is to study the effect of curriculum choice and educational performance in the tertiary education on individual wages. This is an important aspect in the understanding of how tertiary education affects human capital creation. The focus will be on specific tertiary educations, namely, business administration and engineering. The main reason for this choice is that graduates from these majors to a high extent are employed in the private sector; and that wages determined in the private sector to a higher extent reflect individual productivity compared to wages in the public sector.

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