Luigi Butera receives Sapere Aude Research Leader Grant

ECON's Assistant Professor Luigi Butera is one of this year’s recipients of Sapere Aude Research Leader Grant with his project entitled  "The “Beliefs Lab”: Understanding the Evolution and Impact of Beliefs on the Economy". The amount granted is 6.191,941 Dkk.
A short excerpt about the project: 
"People’s expectations about their own professional and personal future, about the economy, and about government policy, are key channels affecting individual decisions and nations’ welfare.   Unfortunately, we lack the tools to carefully measure, at a sufficiently large-scale, how people’s expectations about the future form and evolve, how they influence people’s actual experienced economic outcomes, and how they shape the effectiveness of government action.  Because of this lack of data, economic analysis is often left with assuming that people have rational expectations, meaning that people can always properly use all the information available to make sensible predictions about the future. "
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