Jeanette Walldorf receives Fonnesbechs PhD award 2019

ECON's PhD student Jeanette Walldorf has won the annual Fonnesbech PhD award awarded to a PhD student who has delivered extraordinary research which is estimated to be on an international top level


Jeanette has been awarded the PhD award at CBS' annual Fonnesbechs and CBS award ceremony, held to celebrate CBS employees for outstanding achievements within research, teaching and administration. The PhD award totals 140.000 DKR and it is awarded to a PhD scholar at CBS to finance one year's salary. CBS will co-finance up to an amount of a yearly pay.

The award committee finds that 'Jeanette has an exceptional strong empirical research background for someone who has not yet finished her PhD training. She has a Master of Science in Mathematics and Economics from the University of Copenhagen where she graduated amongst the absolute top in her class. When she started her PhD in 2017, she had several years of research experience from CBS and the World Bank. As a PhD student, Jeanette has continued to show her strong research skills – focusing on educational choices in the university setting in Denmark and the transition to the labour market.'



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