Herdis Steingrimsdottir receives Independent Research Fund Denmark grant


ECON Associate Professor Herdis Steingrimsdottir receives DKK 6.063.390 grant from Independent Research Fund Denmark for her project 'Parents' Specialization: Causes and Consequences':

The project seeks to address the following issues:

'Parenthood is associated with increased specialization in the household. After having children women spend more time on childcare and housework, while men spend relatively more time on paid work.  According to recent studies, this pattern is the main culprit for the remaining gender wage gap. To gain better understanding of how couples' make decisions about division of labor as they enter parenthood, we propose studying couples during the time where their outcomes start to diverge, namely the first 18 months after their first child is born. We will use survey and register data from two countries, Denmark and Iceland, and study the role of policy, financial incentives, information, and gender norms.'

Find more information about the grant here.


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