DSEB Prizes to two ECON colleagues



On Thursday October 4, the Danish Society for Education and Business (DSEB) and the Fonnesbech Foundation awarded CBS staff and students who have excelled extraordinarily.

The recipient of the DSEB Research Prize 2018, awarded to researchers for outstanding work in their research area, is ECON professor Morten Lau, for his contributions to methodological and experimental studies that have significantly improved our understanding of risk and time preferences.Professor Morten Lau is an outstanding researcher who has published 40 articles in leading international scientific journals and books. His research interest is mainly behavioural and experimental economics and he is widely recognized as one of the pioneers in the area of field experiments. His research results are often used for a wide range of business- or public policy applications, such as investment decisions, insurance provision and cost-benefit analyses. He has been able to attract considerable research funding, most recently from the Independent Research Fund Denmark for a new research project on subjective beliefs and ambiguity aversion.

The recipient of the DSEB Education Prize 2018, awarded to academic staff at CBS for extraordinary contributions to program development and teaching, is ECON postdoc Leslie Christensen. Leslie Christensen is a pioneer in introducing and implementing technology enhanced learning at CBS, and through a long and persistent effort he has successfully demonstrated how new technologies and systems like MyEconLab, MobLab or MyLabsPlus can improve learning. But, first of all, Leslie is a very dedicated and passionate teacher, who has made a real difference to thousands of students at CBS – not only through the implementation of the Study Café in Microeconomics but through his outstanding teaching skills and pedagogical performance.

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