Dolores Romero Morales' EU-project is building a ‘predictor’ to foresee health-related effects of Covid-19



ECON's Professor Dolores Romero Morales is a NeEDS (Network of European Data Scientists)coordinator.  The Network consists of six academic and eight industrial participants from five EU countries, USA and Chile and was launched in January 2019. The participants combine strong and complementary expertise within industry sectors ranging from energy and retailing to insurance and banking, as well as national statistical offices. With this composition, NeEDS seeks to deliver cutting-edge multidisciplinary research to advance academic thinking on Data Science in Europe, and to improve the Data Science capabilities of industry and the public sector.

The project was recently featured in CBS Wire, along with an interview with Dolores Romero Morales, who explains  how these tools are used to predict and eventually combat  the consequences of the new coronavirus.



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