D3EMO Modeling Week

Monday, September 3, 2018 - 08:00 to Friday, September 7, 2018 - 16:00

D3EMO - Modeling Week on Data Driven Decision Making and Optimization (3rd-7th September 2018)




D3EMO will be held from the 3rd to 7th of September 2018 at Copenhagen Business School.

What is D3EMO Modeling week

D3EMO Modeling Week will admit PhD students on a competitive basis, to work on problems proposed by industry. The PhD students will be required to have expertise in Mathematical Optimization, Operations Research or Statistical Data Analysis. Mathematical models and numerical solution approaches will be developed and communicated, following a collaborative approach, in which the PhD students will work in small groups under the supervision of the senior researchers during the Modeling Week.

D3EMO Modeling Week is a natural place for PhD students to acquire advanced mathematical modeling training given by experts in the area, as well as contributing to their career development training (both for academic and non-academic progression) by developing further their collaborating and communication skills.

Format of D3EMO modeling week

The format of the D3EMO Modeling Week is as follows. The industrial participants present open problems they encounter in their organization. Four problems are expected to be proposed. The event participants will split into groups each representing a problem. The groups will be chosen carefully and there will be at least one senior researcher per group. The attendees will work together to sketch a solution approach, including a mathematical optimization model and a suggestion of suitable high-performance optimization approaches for it. At the end of the week all groups will gather and the solutions will be presented by the PhD students to the audience.


How do I apply for the event

PhD students are applying to be admitted to the modeling week. The
applications will be reviewed by the committee and those successful students
will be notified by the end of June. The committee will consider (amongst
other criteria): the excellence of the student, the area they are working in
and the benefit to the student of attending the modeling week. Those PhD
students admitted will receive a personal grant to (partially) cover
accommodation, travel and meals. The application deadline is June 25th, 2018

To apply, please follow the link <Apply for D3EMO 2018> and enter the
requested fields, including the uploading of three files with:

1. Your University level qualifications
2. CV containing a brief description of your PhD project, and details of your supervisor, institution, year of study, prizes or awards received, and poster/oral presentations delivered
3. A letter of motivation for wanting to attend the modeling week

Travel Information

From Copenhagen Airport it is simplest to take the direct connection through the Metro to Frederiksberg. Copenhagen Business School is located within walking distance from Fasanvej station.    


Industrial problems


Air France is a leading global player in its three main areas of activity: passenger transport, cargo transport and aircraft maintenance. From its hubs at Paris-Orly and Paris-Charles de Gaulle airports, the airline operates flights to 195 destinations and 91 countries. Being the fourth largest European airline company with 98.7 million passengers in 2017 problems are inevitable.
During the Event Air France will be attending and bringing problems that comes with being a leading provider of aerial transportation and maintenance in a globalized industry of high competition.


Central Bureau voor de Statistiek (CBS) is an independently operating government funded organization.
The mission of CBS is to publish reliable and coherent statistical information which responds to the needs of Dutch society. The responsibility of CBS is twofold: firstly, to compile (official) national statistics and secondly to compile European (community) statistics.
During the event CBS will be bringing problems that occur when you are a key publisher for reliable information that will be used during micro-, macroeconomic and international debates.




DSB is the main provider of public transportation by Train in Denmark. DSB is a contract payed independent state-owned firm providing jobs for over 7.000 employees and transporting 500.000 travellers daily. During the event DSB will be bringing industrial problems faced during when being one a major provider of transportation by Train.



Tesco plc is a major multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer based in Great Britain. Experiencing major growth Tesco plc is one of the forerunners in adapting to a fast-paced multinational environment. During the event Tesco plc will be bringing some of the current problems that they are facing at the time of the Event.



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Event organiser


Dolores Romero Morales

Professor of Operations Research

Copenhagen Business School, Department of Economics





For further information please contact:

Dolores Romero Morales drm.eco@CBS.dk
Oliver Per Madsen om.eco@CBS.dk





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The Transformations Platform


This initiative was supported by COST Action TD1409, Mathematics for
Industry Network (MI-NET).
COST is supported by the EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020.


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