Working Papers

The CSEI working paper series is edited by Prof. Jamasb. The collection presents recent topics in energy research to encourage and contribute to critical discussions. The content does not necessarily express our partners' or our views. The findings and conclusions are solely the responsibility of the authors. For an overview of our research, please refer to our Policy Briefs


CSEI I Working papers

CSEI Working Paper 2020-01
Incentive Regulation of Electricity and Gas Networks in the UK: From RIIO-1 to RIIO-2

CSEI Working Paper 2020-02
Energy System Integration: Implications for Public Policy

CSEI Working Paper 2020-03
Electricity Market Integration, Decarbonisation and Security of Supply: Dynamic Volatility Connectedness in the Irish and Great Britain Markets

CSEI Working Paper 2020-04
Network Utilities Performance and Institutional Quality: Evidence from the Italian Electricity Sector

CSEI Working Paper 2020-05
Political Economy of Reform and Regulation in the Electricity Sector of Sub-Saharan Africa

CSEI Working Paper 2020-06
Flickering Lifelines: Electrification and Household Welfare in India

PDF iconCSEI Working Paper 2020-07
Managing Power Supply Interruptions: A Bottom-Up Spatial (Frontier) Model with an Application to a Spanish Electricity Network

PDF iconCSEI Working Paper 2020-08
Captive Power, Market Access, and Welfare Effects in the Bangladesh Electricity Sector

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