CSEI Core Faculty and Staff

Here you find the proiles of all faculty and staff, that is directly employed by CSEI.

Bjarke MacCarthy Tooraj Jamasb Director of the centre +4538152223 tj.eco@cbs.dk
Philipp Alexander Ostrowicz Philipp Alexander Ostrowicz Centre coordinator +4538152224 pao.eco@cbs.dk
Profile picture First name Last name title phone mail
Jens_Weibezahn Jens Weibezahn Assistant professor +4538152244 jew.eco@cbs.dk
Aleksandrs Smilgins Assistant professor +4538152411 asm.eco@cbs.dk
Kristoffer Rae Kristoffer Rae Project Manager, CSEI +4538152570 kra.eco@cbs.dk
Lasse Læbo Matthiesen Postdoc llm.eco@cbs.dk
Alexandra Alexandra Lüth Postdoc +4538152457 al.eco@cbs.dk
Manuel Llorca Manuel Llorca Assistant professor +4538152218 mll.eco@cbs.dk
Johannes Felipe Giehl Postdoc jfg.eco@cbs.dk
Christopher Dirzka Christopher Dirzka Postdoc cd.eco@cbs.dk
Christine_Brandstaett Christine Brandstätt Assistant professor +4538152245 cbr.eco@cbs.dk
Klaus-Dieter Borchardt Adjunct professor