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CSEI will make its research public at this section, at the same time we participate in dissemination events, conferences and workshops and will issue CSEI POLICY PAPERS based on current research at CSEI. Please find the latest activities here.


CSEI I Policy Briefs

CSEI Policy Brief #001
Public Acceptance in Sustainable Grid Development – A New Approach

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CSEI Policy Brief #002
The Rebound Effect in Energy Consumption

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Prof. Tooraj Jamasb at the IAEE Podcast series

Topic: Economics aspects of Energy Systems Integration

The concept of Energy Systems Integration (ESI) as a strategy to achieve future sustainable energy sectors is increasingly attracting attention. There remain technological challenges and solutions to be found. However, less attention has been given to the economic, regulatory, research and development, and policy frameworks that will be needed for efficient operation of the integrated systems. This podcast sheds light on some of these challenges that need to be addressed along the technical solutions.

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