Find Center for Owner-Managed Businesses


Center for Owner-Managed Businesses is located at Porcelænshaven 16A, 1th floor.


Center for Owner-Managed Businesses can be found at Copenhagen Business School, Campus Porcelænshaven. We are located at Frederiksberg - close to the centre of Copenhagen and easy to reach by public transportation.


Directions to Porcelænshaven

By car: We are located close to Fasanvej Metro Station - nearby the Peter Bangs Vej and Søndre Fasanvej crossing.

There are several 2-hour parking spaces close to Porcelænshaven. On the west side of Søndre Fasanvej, you may park without time restrictions.

If you need to park more than two hours close to our office, one option is to pay for your parking is via Easy Park’s App. Please note that this option requires that you sign up for Easy Park.

Read more and sign up for Easy Park here.

By metro: The closest metro station is Fasanvej (approx. 500 meters walk) with frequent service every 3-5 minutes during day time. From the Copenhagen Airport, take the Lufthavnen/Vanløse line to Fasanvej (the trip takes 20 minutes). From downtown Copenhagen (Kgs. Nytorv Metro Station) and Fasanvej, the metro takes 7 minutes.

By bus: Bus 4A runs on Søndre Fasanvej between Valby Station and CBS Executive every 5-10 minutes during day time. The trip takes 10 minutes. Buses 14 and 15 run on Smallegade.


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