Department of Digitalization


At the Department of Digitalization, we strive to create an environment for academics to thrive. Through the past years, CBS' research has been published in the eight most trendsetting academic journals in the cross field between IT and business. These great results have been achieved through collaboration in strong research teams with the dedicated and ambitious researchers of the department and a targeted effort in recruiting the best international researchers.

Helle Zinner Henriksen Helle Zinner Henriksen Head of Department +4538152452
Bodil Sponholtz Head of Secretariat +4538154423
Profile picture First name Last name title phone mail
Abayomi Baiyere Associate professor
Abid Hussain Associate professor +4538154478
Alexandra Hettich PhD fellow
andreas_bs Andreas Blicher Postdoc
anikadigi Anika Schröder PhD fellow
Anoush Anoush Margaryan Professor ama.digi
arsh Arisa Shollo Associate professor
Attila Márton Associate professor
beneaton Ben Eaton Associate professor
Beril Yapici PhD fellow
Britta Thomsen Adjunct professor bt.itm@cb...
Cecilie Ostenfeld Cecilie Ostenfeld Academic Officer +4538154457
Chee-Wee Tan Professor +4538154468
CLehrer Christiane Lehrer Associate professor
Emilie Elkjær-Gregersen PhD fellow
Gunter Prockl Günter Prockl Associate professor +4538152474
igddigi Ignacio Godoy Descazeaux PhD fellow
Ioanna Constantiou Ioanna Constantiou Professor with special responsibilities +4538152353
IrfanKanat Irfan Kanat Assistant professor Leave: 01.08.2022 - 31.07.2023
Jacob Nørbjerg Associate professor +4538154422
Jan Damsgaard Jan Damsgaard Professor +4538152490
jan_lem Jan Lemnitzer Assistant professor
Janni Nielsen Professor emeritus
jbdigi Jason Burton Assistant professor
JeanetteHansen Jeanette Hansen Secretary +4538154421
JonasHedman Jonas Hedman Professor with special responsibilities +4538154455
jpmdigi José Parra-Moyano Assistant professor
Juan Juan Camilo Giraldo Mora PhD fellow +4538152216
jgedigi Julie Gerlings PhD fellow
Katrine Folkmann Katrine Frost Folkmann PhD fellow
kkw Kim Kwansoo Postdoc
KimNormannAndersen Kim Normann Andersen Professor +4538152437
kmadigi Kornpong Mahitthiburin PhD fellow
Leif Bloch Rasmussen Associate professor emeritus
lmdrdigi Leonardo Maria de Rossi PhD fellow
lehdigi Louise Elisabeth Hansen Academic Officer
lgodigi Lucas Göbeler PhD fellow
Mads Bødker Mads Bødker Associate professor +4538154425
Mathias Tinghøj Hansen Mathias Tinghøj Hansen PhD fellow
msadigi Maylis Saigot PhD fellow
Michael Wessel Michael Wessel Associate professor
Michel Avital Michel Avital Professor +4538154437
Mikkel Harlev Mikkel Harlev PhD fellow
Nadiya Straton Nadiya Straton PhD fellow
NicolaEns Nicola Ens PhD fellow
Niels Bjørn-Andersen Professor emeritus +4538154444
nfdigi Nina Frausing PhD fellow
oliviadigi Olivia Benfeldt Assistant professor
Panagiotis Keramidis PhD fellow
PhilipHukal Philipp Hukal Assistant professor
Qiqi Jiang Qiqi Jiang Associate professor
qldigi Quanchen Liu PhD fellow
rrmdigi Raghava Rao Mukkamala Associate professor
rsdigi Rajani Singh Assistant professor
Ravi Vatrapu Professor +4538154435
Reza Toorajipour PhD fellow
Rob Gleasure Rob Gleasure Associate professor
Robert Kauffman Robert Kauffman Professor
RobertLorenzTörmer Robert Lorenz Törmer Lecturer
Rony Medaglia Rony Medaglia Professor with special responsibilities +4538154427
Shama Patel Shama Patel PhD fellow
shanicesm Shanice Sørup McCombie Student Assistant
ShiTing Wang PhD fellow
Sine Zambach Sine Zambach Assistant professor
Sippo Rossi Sippo Rossi PhD fellow +4538154419
smadigi Somnath Mazumdar Assistant professor
Stefan Henningsson Professor with special responsibilities +4538154429
sncdigi Stig Strandbæk Nyman PhD fellow
tawfiqs_profile_picture Tawfiq Alashoor Assistant professor
Thomas Jensen Assistant professor
WinklerT Till Winkler Associate professor +4538154459
Timothy Charlton-Czaplicki Timothy Charlton-Czaplicki PhD fellow
Tina Blegind Jensen Professor with special responsibilities +4538152455
torkilc Torkil Clemmensen Professor +4538152389
Ulrik Bisgaard Ulsrod Røhl Postdoc
Weifang Wu Weifang Wu Assistant professor
Xiao Xiao Xiao Xiao Associate professor +4538154458