Department of Digitalization

PhD fellow

Room: HOW/60-5.sal

Maylis Saigot a PhD Fellow at the Department of Digitalization, Copenhagen Business School. Her current research focuses on the emergence of collective moods during online team collaboration and the technological features that mediate this phenomenon. She uses a variety of research methods, including lab and online experiments. More broadly, her interests include team collaboration, neuroIS, organizational UX, and design science.

Primary research areas
  • Computer-mediated communication and collaboration
  • Virtual team moods
  • Emotions and well-being in the workplace
  • Design science/design research
  • Organizational UX
Curriculum Vitae
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  • A Digital Battlefield: How to transform a new business venture to a sustainable digital business?
  • Bachelor’s and master’s theses within the above-mentioned research interests
  • Other original and/or creative projects are also welcome
  • Students involved in research: master’s students interested in a research-oriented thesis are encouraged to contact me for potential collaborations
Publications sorted by:
Maylis Saigot; Rob Gleasure; Ioanna Constantiou; Andreas Blicher / In or Out of Sync? : A Psychophysiological Approach to Digital Collaboration.
In: Abstract Book: 15th Annual SANS Conference. : SANS Social & Affective Neuroscience Society 2023, 1 p., p. 60
Conference abstract in proceedings > peer review
Maylis Saigot; Rob Gleasure; Ioanna Constantiou; Andreas Blicher / Media Naturalness, Emotion Contagion, and Creativity : A Laboratory Experiment among Dyads.
Paper presented at 15th Anniversary NeuroIS Retreat 2023, 2023
Paper > peer review
Maylis Saigot / Design for Meaningful Work Experiences : A Holistic Approach to Human-Work Interaction Design.
In: HCI International 2022 - Late Breaking Papers: Design, User Experience and Interaction. . ed. /Masaaki Kuroso; Sakae Yamamoto; Hirohiko Mori; Marcelo M. Soares; Elizabeth Rosenzweig; Aaron Marcus; Pei-Luen Patrick Rau; Don Harris; Wen-Chin Li. Cham : Springer 2022, p. 114-135 (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 13516)
Article in proceedings > peer review
Maylis Saigot / Leveraging Affective Friction to Improve Online Creative Collaboration : An Experimental Design.
In: Information Systems and Neuroscience. NeuroIS Retreat 2022: Conference Proceedings. . ed. /Fred D. Davis; René Riedl; Jan vom Brocke; Pierre-Majorique Léger; Adriane B. Randolph; Gernot R. Müller-Putz. Cham : Springer 2022, p. 237–250 (Lecture Notes in Information Systems and Organisation, Vol. 58)
Article in proceedings > peer review