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Louise Harder
External Lecturer

Louise Harder Fischer
Presentation and academic fields
Louise is an assistant professor at department of digitalization at CBS. She is a Phd. fellow at the IT-university of Copenhagen. She holds a cand.merc.dat i.e. the master degree in Computer Science and Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School. 
Her current research focus is on developing a socio-technical change perspective and framework that can aide in planning and explaining outcomes from enterprise technologies supporting flexible and digital work and organizational transformation in knowledge-work settings. Louise focus is on on explaining socio-technical mechanisms at work in the current IS. The PhD. thesis takes a particular interest in how individualization as a mechanism (driver) change and disrupt prior socio-technical explanations. Her findings concludes that the IS responds by morphing into dual-structures and as such into a dual-IS. The dual-IS, thus needs new bifocal IS-management approaches to function as a resilient and elastic system/organization, delivering on both stability and agility.   
Louise has taught as an external lecturer from 2007 at CBS, ITU, RUC and DMJH in digital change management, knowledge management, entrepreneurship. Prior to the phd. she worked as an external research partner in GN Netcom on the future of work, and new ways of working. She has hold everal management positions in industry (ex. vice-director in qualitative analysis institute)  and in the educational sector (ex. as Dean of study at Copenhagen Technical Academy). 
She is currently working in the Industriens Fonds project
Professional and/or academic experience
  • Digital change management Ha.it
  • Digital entrepreneurship Cand. e-buss.
Pedagogical experience/method skills/supervision

Bachelor and master thesis:

  • IT as Change
  • IT-Change Management
  • IT-consumerization and the evolution of the IT-ecosystem
  • IT as behavior - The new normal
  • How to master the flow of knowledge and company wide collaboration in virtual organization


Other Teaching Activities
  • The Danish School of Media and Journalism

Primary Reseach Areas:

  • Diffusion and adoption of technology in organisations
  • Enabling Mass Collaboration and knowledge flows with Enteprise Social Systems
  • IT-change management
  • Qualitative research
  • Entrepreneurship