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Kasper Munk

Kasper Munk examines and develops new ways to use digital technologies for large-scale improvements in training and education. His work focuses on how to make learning actionable. Key topics include how to efficiently transmit expertise and how to improve professional decision-making. Important questions include: 

  1. How can new technologies improve the teaching of conceptually driven professional decision-making? 
  2. How can new production models and new roles of subject matter experts drive diverse and content-focused developments withineducational technology?
  3. How can new technologies help us become better at the aspects of teaching that are still uniquely human?

Kasper has a PhD in Education from the University of Oxford. Prior to this, Kasper was trained as a psychologist at the University of Copenhagen and the University of Edinburgh. Beyond CBS, Kasper has taught and also contributed to multiple research projects on professional learning both at the University of Copenhagen and at the University of Oxford.

Primary research areas
  • Educational technology
  • Digitalization of teaching
  • Blended learning
  • Learning sciences
  • Learning engineering
  • Simulations
  • Uniquely human modes of teaching
  • Concept learning
  • Conceptually driven professional decision-making
  • In-the-moment decision-making
  • Teacher education
  • Scalable innovation in education
Administrative tasks

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Other teaching activities

Selected publications
  • Munk, K. (2018). Motive orientations at work. Learning, Culture and Social Interaction. Available online 27 April 2018.
  • Munk, K. (2013). Organisatorisk læring gennem fælles refleksion [‘Organizational learning through shared reflection’]. Erhvervspsykologi, 11(4).
Publications sorted by:
Kasper Munk; Julie Buhl-Wiggers; Annemette Kjærgaard / A Systematic Literature Review of Experimental Evidence on Face-to-face Components of Blended Learning in Higher Education
Abstract from EARLI 2020, 2020
Conference abstract for conference
Kasper Munk / Motive Orientations at Work
In: Learning, Culture and Social Interaction, Vol. 26, 9.2020
Journal article > peer review
Mariane Hedegaard; Kasper Munk / Play and Life Competencies as Core in Transition from Kindergarten to School : Tension between Values in Early Childhood Education.
In: Children’s Transitions in Everyday Life and Institutions. ed. /Mariane Hedegaard; Marilyn Fleer. London : Bloomsbury Academic 2019, p. 21–46 (Transitions in Childhood and Youth)
Book chapter
Kasper Munk / You Can Only Follow the Intentions for Which You Have Artefacts to Act
In: Abstract book: ISTP Conference 2019, Copenhagen, Denmark. Copenhagen : Danish School of Education 2019, 1 p., p. 263
Conference abstract in proceedings > peer review
Alice Tawell; Ian Thompson; Harry Daniels; Victoria Elliott; Nicole Dingwall; Olga Rubtsova; Kasper Munk / Being Other : The Effectiveness of Arts Based Approaches in Engaging with Disaffected Young People.
Oxford : University of Oxford 2015, 40 p.
Mariane Hedegaard; Kasper Munk; Kirsten Sørensen; Jette Hülsen / Livsduelighed, leg og læring : Værdi-diskussion knyttet til børns overgange fra børnehave til skole.
In: Pædagisk Psykologisk Tidsskrift, Vol. 52, No. 5/6, 2015, p. 80-94
Journal article > peer review
Kasper Munk / Organisatorisk læring gennem fælles refleksion
In: Erhvervspsykologi, Vol. 11, No. 4, 2013, p. 60–74
Journal article > peer review
Academic Interests

Outside activities


  • Outside his postdoc position at CBS, Kasper Munk is contributing to the building of EmissionCrunch. EmissionCrunch speeds up the tactical level of organisational carbon emission reduction through pro-to-peer upskilling of employees. enables employees to cut emissions through online access to tactics from low-carbon frontrunners.