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Copenhagen Business School, department of Digitalization is doing a succession of workshops on the Internet of Things. This site are for these workshops/seminars. It contains information of the main presentations and other contributions approved by the presenters and the rapporteur’s selected main points from the plenary and group discussions. We hope that this site will be useful for the participants’ continued work on IoT

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Past Workshops


31. January 2014, Workshop at CBS

Workshop on the theme Health
A report will follow.


29. November 2013, Workshop at CBS

Workshop on Aspects of Big Data - Public Data and Data from Intelligent Energy

The workshop is part of IoTPeople’s preparation for a project under EU Future Internet Public and Private Partnership programme (FI PPP). A parallel activity taking place next door is a Hackathon on Grundfos’ platform Gatesense, developed in co-operation with the Alexandra Institute.

Welcome by director in Grundfos Connect, Rasmus Blom, and Jan Damsgaard, Head of the CBS IT Management Department.

Some considerations on Big Data and the Future Internet by Assoc. prof. Leif Bloch Rasmussen CBS ITM.

Statens Serum Institut (SSI) - The Public Health Registers, how have these registers been created, and how are they being used for research? Some examples. By Head of Department Maria Friis Larsen.

Intelligent Energy - Smart Grid by Kim Behnke, Head of R&D,

Big Data's commercial potential - about a data hub in Copenhagen by Peter Bjørn Larsen, Business Development Manager, Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster.

Entrepreneurship built on Big Data and the Internet of Things.
•    Presentation by Daisy Chain Management, Christian Herschend Rasmussen, Adam Hartmann, Benjamin Johansen and Jakub Grzyb



4. October 2013, Workshop at CBS

Workshop on the Smart Grid and Smart Cities

Thoughts on the Internet of Things by Assoc. prof. Leif Bloch Rasmussen CBS ITM.

Discussion about Smart Grid, referring to the paper: "Essays on the Smart Grid", which has been sent to all participants. Members of the panel: Kim Behnke Head of R&D at, Kim Østrup, Adjunct prof., CBS ITM, Assoc. prof. Rasmus Ulslev Pedersen CBS ITM and others.

Sophie Vallet Chevillard from inno group, leader of the benchmarking workpackage of the PROBE-IT project, presented the results and findings of the Benchmarking of smart cities.
Get more details on:

Alessandro Bassi is presenting selected thoughts on the historical and cultural diversities of cities in a world-wide-view. In addition, the important considerations before attempting to practice the terminology smart cities.
He presents a variety of reflections upon the usage of ICT in real life situations for cities facing urbanisation and globalisation.



20. September 2013, Workshop at CBS

Workshop on Integrated Smart Society Projects

Target group: People, companies and organizations engaged in Smart City, Cleantech or Smart Grid.

Welcome by member of the European Parliament Britta Thomsen and CBS.

Assoc. prof. Leif Bloch Rasmussen Thoughts for consideration.

Suggestions for project ideas by Lise Nielson from Linie P(Linie Probruger Rådgivning), and Martin Brynskov, Aarhus University and Smart City Aarhus.

Peter Keller-Larsen, Spirae: How do we make Smart Grid, Smart Energy and Smart City investments attractive, creating relevant business cases for all players in the supply and value chain: end users, prosumers, aggregators / middlemen, net operators?

Jan Bieser, CBS: Main findings in my Thesis about Smart City.

About calls and applications by Christian Holstein, Danish Agency for Science and Technology.

Powerpoints by Peter Keller-Larsen and Christian Holstein (Where sent seperatly).



24. August 2013, Workshop at CBS

Essays on the Smart Grid


Assoc. prof. Rasmus Ulslev Pedersen CBS ITM, et al. : An Introduction to the Smart Grid Issue.

Peter Møllgaard, professor of Industrial Organization, CBS: Smart Grid Challenges.

Kim Østrup, Adjunct prof., CBS ITM: Why There Is No Market for the Smart Grid Today.

Paul Joskow: Creating A Smarter U.S. Electricity Grid (Abstract in Danish by Ziggie Dia Precht, master studen CBS).

Kim Behnke Head of R&D at From Smart Grid to Smart Deployment.



27. June 2013, Workshop at CBS

Cleantech, Gatesense and Social Capital

Welcome by Grundfos and CBS, Business development director Rasmus Blom and Assoc. prof. Rasmus Ulslev Pedersen CBS ITM


Patrick Zaubitz, from Copenhagen Cleantech Park(Frederikssund Business(FB)), presented: A Smart City Perspective, the story about the new IoT city Vinge (Wing), which is being built outside Frederikssund, an half hours driving from Copenhagen.

Mirko Presser, the Alexandra Institute and Sead Bajrovic Grundfos, presented GateSense. Gatesense is a pioneering platform that will collect data from a variety of sources – both real time and open data – and use it as the basis for innovations and insights. How is Grundfos going to use it and how can other enterprises use it.

Codrina Lauth, from CBS and Lauth Transmedia, presented the topic Strategic Positioning for EU-Funding, and also the theme "Societal Challenges" and how to deal with the building of different forms of "Social Capital" for IoT/IoP society and technology platforms. Her colleague Leila Pais de Miranda from Moleque de ideias, gave examples on how we form social capital for children learning environments.

Kim Balle, from Drobe and CBS, presented the IoTPeople brand. "The overall purpose of creating a strong brand is that we want to create a community that embraces the whole IoT ecosystem surrounding in EU and the rest of the world. With a strong identity it will make it easier o bring people together from ecosystems and make also make the communication of the collected work general easier".



12. April 2013, Workshop at Louisiana

Concrete projects and inspiration for research and cooperation in 2014


The goal for the day was to identify project ideas in the field of the Internet of Things, and to give the participants the opportunity to connect and co-operate. The first part of the day consisted of presentations followed by a short dialogue; the afternoon was dedicated to a free dialogue and generation of new ideas.

Welcome and introduction by Janni Nielsen, professor, CBS ITM.

Presenter Kim Østrup, Adjunct prof., CBS ITM, Assoc. prof. Rasmus Ulslev Pedersen CBS ITM. Why there is no market for the Smart Grid.

Comment by Britta Thomsen, Member of the European Parliament.

Presentation by Chief medical doctors Klaus Phanareth, Søren Vingtoft and Msc Anders Skovbo Christensen. The Epital, an e-health solution for chronic disease.

Presentation by Philipp Ostrowicz, economist at the Dean's office, Copenhagen Business School. Funding strategy for IoT.

Conclusion of the day, Assoc. prof. Leif Bloch Rasmussen CBS ITM.


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