MPP changes its name


From January 2023, CBS will have a department with a new name, Department of Business Humanities and Law, which will replace Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy.

Our new website is on its way and will be updated in the coming months.

The new name better reflects the constituent components that MPP merged with in 2018 from three different departments. It gives special recognition to the important research and educational contribution of Law at CBS.

After much discussion, we settled on a generic term, Business Humanities, that would help us define our place at CBS and its mission and strategy.

We think it speaks to the aspirations of CBS to be a transformative business school that addresses the major challenges for business and society. 

Business Humanities has long been discussed, notably in the second ‘Carnegie Report’ and at the Aspen Institute, and members of our Department have been central to those discussions over a decade.

It radically differs from ‘ivory tower’ humanities in that it pioneers integrative approaches to business and society focused on concerns such as business ethics, entrepreneurship, sustainability, diversity, leadership and governance.

In our vision, it encompasses not only our humanities disciplines such as philosophy and history, but interpretive social sciences and contemporary social and political thought. 

Business Humanities has a notable two-fold character that is especially vital today. It defines a domain of knowledge concerning the major challenges facing humanity that affect both business and the wider society. It also seeks to cultivate the human capabilities to meet these challenges.

Learning is thus at the heart of Business Humanities just as it is at CBS with its unique focus on the Nordic-Nine capabilities of students.

The Department will be organized in three academic administrative units:

  • Governance, Culture and Learning 
  • Entrepreneurship, Ethics and Leadership
  • CBS Law

We will go live with the new e-mail address from January 25. You will of course also in future be able to reach us on our present mpp e-mail address.

We look forward to our continued excellent collaborations with all areas of CBS. We hope you find our new name as inspiring as we do!

Further info: Mitchell Dean, Head of Department.

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