Department of Business and Politics

Rasmus Corlin
PhD fellow

Room: POR/24.A-0.85
, Mobile:
E-mail: rcc.dbp@cbs.dk
Primary research areas
  • Professionals in International Political Economy
  • International taxation
  • Tax transparency
  • Transfer pricing
  • Transnational governance
  • Elites and expert networks
  • Ideas, knowledge and expertise<?xml:namespace prefix = "o" />
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I am interested in the interplay of micro-level processes and macro structures of international political economy, in particular international economic and fiscal governance. My emphasis in particular is on international taxation - including tax competition, tax havens, and multinational corporations' tax planning - and the role of professionals and experts in shaping the international tax regime. My PhD project seeks to study the dynamics of competition between expert professionals and organisations in reforms of international tax rules at the European and international level. The project is part of the EU-funded Horizon 2020 Framework Program, ‘Combating Fiscal Fraud and Empowering Regulators (#727145-COFFERS), 2016-2019. My analytical approach is rooted in the traditions of International Political Economy and Political Sociology, with a broad tool kit, including methods such as social network analysis and sequence analysis.<?xml:namespace prefix = "o" />

Publications & dissemination
Rasmus Corlin Christensen; Saila Naomi Stausholm / Paradise Papers bør føre til en ny global skat
In: Politiken, 16.11.2017, p. 7-8
Feature article
Rasmus Corlin Christensen / Book Review : Global Tax Governance – What is Wrong With it and How to Fix it.
Internet publication (Blog)
Rasmus Corlin Christensen / Er skattely et problem for Danmark?
Internet publication (Blog)
Rasmus Corlin Christensen / Five Years of EU Tax Policy Recommendations : Key Trends in European Taxation.
Internet publication (Blog)
Rasmus Corlin Christensen / Revolving Doors in International Tax : Do the Foxes Run the Henhouse?.
Internet publication (Blog)
Rasmus Corlin Christensen; Mikkel Mondrup Pedersen / Sådan bekæmper vi skattely
In: Information, 16.4.2016, p. 18-19