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Curriculum Vitae
Primary research areas
  • Networks and political power in Danish business, 1930-1950
  • Anti-Communism in Danish business organizations and international police co-operation, 1917-1960
  • Comparative political economy in Europe during World War II
  • Cement and politics: F.L. Smidth & Co. leader Gunnar Larsen as a cabinet minister, 1940-1945
  • Danish industry's collaboration with Germany during the occupation of 1940-1945
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My research lies within the field of 20th century élite studies, business history, and the development of relations between business and politics. Applying aspects of Social Networks Analysis, I am particularly interested in Danish industry and business elite’s reactions to the authoritarian trends of the inter-war years, the economic crisis of the 1930es, and the increasing political significance of the engineer.
I like to see my research as an ongoing attempt at reinterpreting 20th century Danish history that includes the German occupation in a longer time perspective and attempts to supply Danish national history writing with a transnational perspective.

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  • Political and Economic Thought (BA, International Business and Politics)
  • Internationalisering uden for Europa (BA, Europæisk Business)
  • Institutionelle perspektiver (HA kom)

I supervise historically oriented as well as business ethics and moral-philosophical 1. and 2. year projects, BA and master's theses at IVK (BA), cand.ling.merc., IBP and HA (fil).

Selected publications
  • Danmark besat. Krig og hverdag 1940-45, 4. rev. ed., with Claus Bundgård Christensen, Jakob Sørensen & Niels Wium Olesen. Copenhagen: Informations Forlag, 2015
  • Samarbejdets mand. Minister Gunnar Larsen – Dagbog 1941-1943, vol. I-III, ed., with John T. Lauridsen. Copenhagen: Historika, 2015
  • ”The Wages of Collaboration: The German Food Crisis 1939-1945 and the Supplies from Denmark”, in Wars, States and Economic Change in Scandinavia, 1600-2000, eds Harald Espeli and Joachim Lund. Scandinavian Journal of History (special issue) vol. 38/4 (2013), 480-501
  • ”Collaboration in Print. The ’Aktion Ritterbusch’ and the Failure of German Intellectual Propaganda in Denmark, 1940-1942”, Scandinavian Journal of History 37, vol. 3 (2012), 329-54
  • ”Cement og politik. Gunnar Larsen som minister 1940-1943”, Historisk Tidsskrift vol. 112/2 (2012), 469-511
  • “Virksomhedsledelse og den autoritære stat. Knud Højgaard 1878-1968”, Historisk Tidsskrift vol. 110/1 (2010), 117-65
  • Offentligt eller privat? Historiske og aktuelle udfordringer i politik og økonomi (ed., with Lars Bo Kaspersen & Ole Helby Petersen). Copenhagen: Djøf Publishers, 2010
  • “Building Hitler’s Europe: Forced Labor in the Danish Construction Business during World War II”, Business History Review 84, vol. 3 (2010), 479-99
  • Danske tilstande – norske tilstande. Forskelle og ligheder under tysk besættelse 1940-1945 (ed., with Hans Frederik Dahl, Hans Kirchhoff & Lars-Erik Vaale). Copenhagen: Gyldendal, 2010
  • Hitlers spisekammer. Danmark og den europæiske nyordning 1940-43. Copenhagen: Gyldendal, 2005
  • “Denmark and the ‘European New Order’, 1940-1942”, Contemporary European History, vol. 13, no. 3 (2004), 305-21
  • Partier under pres. Demokratiet under besættelsen (ed.). Copenhagen: Gyldendal, 2003
Publications & dissemination
Joachim Lund / Denmark
In: Joining Hitler's Crusade: European Nations and the Invasion of the Soviet Union. . ed. /David Stahel. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press 2018, p. 236-259
Book chapter
Hubert Buch-Hansen; Christoph Ellersgaard; Lasse Folke Henriksen; Anton Grau Larsen; Joachim Lund / CBS og magten : En kortlægning af netværk og indflydelseskanaler, 1917-2017.
København : Djøf Forlag 2017, 129 p.
Joachim Lund / Paying for Hitler's War : The Consequenses of Nazi Hegemony for Europe.
In: Scandinavian Economic History Review, Vol. 65, No. 3, 2017, p. 326-327
Book review
Joachim Lund / A Faustian Bargain : Denmark's Precarious Deal with the German War Economy.
In: Industrial Collaboration in Nazi-Occupied Europe: Norway in Context. . ed. / Hans Otto Frøland; Mats Ingulstad; Jonas Scherner. Basingstoke : Palgrave Macmillan 2016, p. 187-209 (Palgrave Studies in Economic History)
Book chapter
Claus Bundgård Christensen; Joachim Lund; Niels Wium Olesen; Jakob Sørensen / Danmark besat : Krig og hverdag 1940-45.
4.ed.København : Informations Forlag 2015, 953 p.
John T. Lauridsen; Joachim Lund / Samarbejdets mand : Minister Gunnar Larsen. Dagbog. Januar - november 1943.
København : Gad 2015, 452 p.
John T. Lauridsen; Joachim Lund / Samarbejdets mand : Minister Gunnar Larsen. Dagbog. Januar - december 1942.
København : Gad 2015, 515 p.
John T. Lauridsen; Joachim Lund / Samarbejdets mand : Minister Gunnar Larsen. Dagbog. Januar - december 1941.
København : Gad 2015, 519 p.
Joachim Lund / Kul, tankskibe og storpolitik
In: Arbejderhistorie, No. 2, 2014, p. 97-101
Book review
Harald Espeli; Joachim Lund / Introduction
In: Scandinavian Journal of History, Vol. 38, No. 4, 2013, p. 399-404
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