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E-mail: jaha.dbp@cbs.dk
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Primary research areas
  • Innovation, technological change, disruption
  • European Union, transnational regulation, public policy
  • Framing, lobbying, collective action
  • Interviews, narratives, ethnography 
  • Digital and exploratory methods
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Jacob A. Hasselbalch is a postdoc at the Department of Business and Politics on the ENLIGHTEN research project (“European Legitimacy in Governing through Hard Times: the Role of European Networks”). The ENLIGHTEN project is concerned with the legitimacy of European governance in dealing with fast and slow-burning crises. Jacob is affiliated to Work Package 4 on balancing the youth employment crisis with inclusive growth. One of his tasks is to research and map the politics of intra-European brain drain as they play out in Brussels and beyond. To that end, he is currently conducting interviews and mining text data to study how key policy actors variously conceptualize and negotiate the problems and solutions connected to brain drain in Europe. 
For his doctoral studies, Jacob was sponsored by the Erasmus Mundus PhD School on “Globalization, Europe, and Multilateralism” with affiliations to the Department of Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick and the Department of Political Science at L’Université Libre de Bruxelles. His dissertation investigated the European politics of electronic cigarettes and hydraulic fracturing, two cases of disruptive innovation that occurred in heavily regulated markets. 


Other teaching activities

Publications & dissemination
Jacob Hasselbalch / Innovation Assessment : Governing Through Periods of Disruptive Technological Change.
In: Journal of European Public Policy, 17.8.2017
Journal article
Jacob Hasselbalch / Professional Disruption in Health Regulation : Electronic Cigarettes in the European Union.
In: Journal of Professions and Organization, Vol. 3, No. 1, 2016, p. 62–85
Journal article
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