Department of Business and Politics

Anker Brink
Dr. phil

Room: POR/18.A-2.134
E-mail: abl.dbp@cbs.dk

Anker Brink Lund is Professor of Media Management and Communicative Governance at CBS Department of Business and Politics, and Research Coordinator at CBS Center for Civil Society Studies

Before joining CBS in 2004, Anker Brink Lund was Professor of Media Sociology at the Department of Journalism (SDU), 1999-2004; Associate professor at the Department of Communication (RUC), 1978-1998; Research assistant at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR), 1978; Assistant professor at the Department of Press Research of the Danish School of Journalism (DjH) 1977-78; Assistant professor at the Department of Political Science (AU) 1976-77.

Primary research areas

Valuation Theory, Civil Society Development, and Stakeholder Analysis

Curriculum Vitae
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Selected publications

Spiral of Cynicism: Are Media Researchers Mere Observers? The International Journal of Communication Ethics 2008;5(3):33-42. (Co-Author: Gitte Meyer)

Media and Politics. In Benedikte Brincker: Introduction to Political Sociology. Hans Reitzel, 2013: 153-170 (Co-Author: Mark Black-Ørsten.

Currrent Challenges to Public Service Broadcasting in the Nordic Countries. In: Ulla Carlsson (ed): Public Service Media. Politics, Markets,Programming and Users. Nordicom, 2013:51-73 (Co-Author: Gregory Ferell Lowe).


Most Cited Publications:

Media System, Public Knowledge and Democracy: A Comparative Study.  The European Journal of Communication 2009;24(1):5-26 (Co-Authors: James Curran, Shanto Iyengar & Inka Salovaara-Moring)

Cues to Action in the Process of Changing Lifestyle. Patient Education and Counseling 1997; 30 (1): 37-51 (Co-authors: Lucette K. Meillier & Gerjo Kok)

Media Markets in Scandinavia : Political Economy Aspects of Convergence and Divergence. NORDICOM Review 2007; 28: 121-134

Domesticating the Simpsons : Four Types of Citizenship in Monitorial Democracy. Politik 2006; 9 (2): 15-25

Publications & dissemination
Anker Brink Lund / Den redigerende magt : Centrifugering af dansk politik.
In: Økonomi og Politik, Vol. 91, No. 1, 2018, p. 75-85
Journal article
Anker Brink Lund / A Stakeholder Approach to Media Governance
In: Managing Media Firms and Industries: What's So Special About Media Management?. . ed. /Gregory Ferrell Lowe; Charles Brown. Cham : Springer Science+Business Media 2016, p. 103-120 (Media Business and Innovation)
Book chapter
Anker Brink Lund; Christian Edelvold Berg / Dansk fondshistorie
København : Djøf Forlag 2016, 252 p.
Anker Brink Lund / Diffusion of Innovations in News Organizations : Action Research of Middle Managers in Danish Mass Media.
In: Action Research in Business and Management: Volume 3: Action Research in Diverse Industries. . ed. /David Coghlan; Abraham B Shani . Thousand Oaks : SAGE Publications 2016, p. 363-380 (Fundamentals of Applied Research)
Book chapter
Anker Brink Lund / Offentlig kommunikation
In: Kommunikationsteori: En grundbog. . ed. /Jørn Helder; Jens Lautrup Nørgaard. København : Hans Reitzels Forlag 2016, p. 455-472
Book chapter
Anker Brink Lund; Gregory Ferrell Lowe / Public Service Broadcasting
In: The International Encyclopedia of Political Communication. ed. /Gianpietro Mazzoleni; Kevin G. Barnhurst; Ken'ichi Ikeda; Rousiley C. M. Maia; Hartmut Wessler. Vol. III, Chichester : Wiley 2016, p. 1355-1362
Book chapter
Maria J. Figueroa; Caroline Greiffenberg; Elizabeth E. Akinyi; Anker Brink Lund; Christian Behrendt; Gorgi Krlev; Jiří Navrátil; Klara Placier; Francesca Cavola; Alex Turini; Giuila Cancellieri / Social Innovation in Environmental Sustainability
Brussels : European Commission 2016, 108 p. (ITSSOIN - Impact of the Third Sector as Social Innovation - Project Deliverables, No. 6.4)
Anker Brink Lund / Can Civil Society Mitigate Consequences of Crises?
In: European Media in Crisis: Values, Risks and Policies. . ed. /Josef Trappel; Jeanette Steemers; Barbara Thomass. Abingdon : Routledge 2015, p. 200-216
Book chapter
Mark Blach-Ørsten; Anker Brink Lund; Rasmus Burkal / Etiske journalister?
In: Troværdig journalistik : Et spørgsmål om etik og nøjagtighed . . ed. /Mark Blach-Ørsten; Anker Brink Lund. Frederiksberg : Samfundslitteratur 2015, p. 99-113 (Medier, Kommunikation, Journalistik , Vol. 8)
Book chapter
Mark Blach-Ørsten; Anker Brink Lund; Rasmus Burkal / Institutionel troværdighed : En analyse af nyhedsmediernes troværdighed som samfundsinstitution .
In: Troværdig journalistik : Et spørgsmål om etik og nøjagtighed . . ed. /Mark Blach-Ørsten; Anker Brink Lund. Frederiksberg : Samfundslitteratur 2015, p. 10-35 (Medier, Kommunikation, Journalistik , Vol. 8)
Book chapter
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