The Political Economy Group (PEG) at DBP is concerned with the politics of market formation, maintenance and change, the governance of international business, and the power dynamics that shape global value chains and global wealth chains. We focus on the various forms of networks that condition the political economy and on the role of elites and experts within them. We are especially interested in how ideas, knowledge and discourses inform interests, how interests impact policies, and how material resources are (re)distributed and maintained across different socioeconomic groups. Our research combines four fields: comparative political economy, economic sociology, economic geography and international political economy.

PEG is theoretically plural, and its members apply a range of qualitative and quantitative methodological tools. We often rely on in-depth interviews and participant observation for information, but also have a special interest in computational qualitative and quantitative methods – including content, network, and sequence forms of analysis.

Professors: Leonard Seabrooke, Morten Ougaard, Stefano Ponte

Associate professors: Antje Vetterlein, Sine Nørholm Just, Duncan Wigan, Eleni Tsingou, Stine Haakonsson, Martin Bæk Carstensen, Hubert Buch-Hansen, Cornel Ban

Assistant professors / Post. docs.: Lasse Folke Henriksen, Christoph Houmann Ellersgaard, Andreas Møller Mulvad, Anton Grau Larsen,

Ph.D´s: Lea Foverskov, Niels Fuglsang, Rasmus Corlin Christensen, Christian Hendriksen, Saila Stausholm, Sara Dahlman, Dimitra Makri Andersen, Nicholas Haagensen,  Andreas Dimmelmeier, Lars Oehler, Jacob Hasselbalch,

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