Business and civil society (B&CS)

In these years, global and national expectations of businesses and civil society to solve societal problems are rising. This calls for re-thinking organizational forms, challenges inherited conceptions of societal boundaries and stress how concrete spatial and temporal relations between public institutions, business and civil society are created, contested and changed to shape, authorize and legitimize forms of societal constellations.

The research group in Business and Civil Society (B&CS) aims at understanding and problematizing these historical and present constellations. Scrutinizing relations between public and private spheres, encompassing public institutions, business and civil society. Currently, these relationships are characterized by hybrid organizational forms moving organizational logics, power relations, responsibilities and legitimacy from one sphere to the other in re-produces structures of power. The research group focuses on how these hybrids are created, translated and contested in the practices of everyday life, as well as the role they play in creating possibilities for new social practices. A key challenge is to examine the trajectories of institutions and societal constellations and how they continuously are re-shaped and enacted to meet the challenges faced by governments, citizens and corporations. Our research is highly interdisciplinary and combines different fields of; historical sociology, political philosophy, conceptual history, media research, comparative political economy, organizational sociology and economic sociology.

B&CS is theoretically plural, and its members apply large variety of qualitative and quantitative methodological tools.

Coordinator: Lars Bo Kaspersen

Professors: Anker Brink Lund, Lars Bo Kaspersen

Associate professors: Liv Egholm, Joachim Lund

Assistant professors / Post. docs.: Maj Lervad GrastenMathias Hein Jessen, Andreas Møller Mulvad, Magnus Paulsen Hansen

Ph.D´s:  Dimitra Makri Andersen, Marcus Lantz, Sara Dahlman


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