The Department of Business and Politics is an interdisciplinary department conducting research on a number of themes located at the interface between the world of business and the world of national and international politics.



Research Organisation

The department employs approximately 50 full-time researchers, including 15 PhD candidates. It also has a number of visiting professors working on a part-time basis, representing the best of international research. A considerable number of guest scholars visit the department every year, spending their research sabbatical with us. A number of adjunct professors from the business world and political institutions are also associated with the department.
The department is highly internationalised, employing researchers of approximately 10 different nationalities. It thus has a vibrant scholarly community of young and associated researchers with strong international ties. Since its creation, the department has also developed a large number of international research collaboration agreements, exemplified by the many international research projects funded externally and the friendly partnerships of our research school with leading universities around the world.

Research Positioning and Dissemination

The department aims to maintain its cutting-edge research position in the fields noted above, with special emphasis on contributing to theoretical development in each of these areas and producing original empirical findings. Both aspects aim to advance scientific knowledge within the different dimensions of the interface between business and politics.  With this object in mind, the department aims to continually strengthen its competences in a wide variety of research methods.
Finally, the department is fully committed to producing research results that have social relevance and are responsive to societal needs. The department’s researchers are thus engaged in a dialogue with representatives of society and business on matters of relevant research, and they seek to disseminate the results of their research in the widest possible way.

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