Public Policy and Management Lab


Public sector management requires executing public policies designed to meet demands for public welfare. Public Management and Policy Lab (PML) examines the drivers and outcomes of individual managerial behavior, organizational dynamics, public policies and how they influence public sector missions. The Department of Business and Politics now collaborates with KORA (Danish institute for local government studies) on a joint laboratory that can increase research quality and dissemination strength on these matters. The laboratory will provide a framework for CBS, KORA and other actors to collaborate on joint studies of, for example, politics, public governance and management, bureaucratization, and local democracy.



The purpose of the new Public Policy and Management Lab is to create more and better research on public management and policy. Through co-operation with KORA, joint research projects form the basis for a wide range of joint scientific publications, which will enable the overall knowledge to be brought into play in the scientific debate. At the same time, the other researchers from the new laboratory can enrich KORA's projects by supporting them with the latest research knowledge. Overall, it is the ambition that the new Public Policy and Management Lab will help to create a stronger research network nationally and internationally, where CBS, KORA and other collaborators exploit their various resources to create collaborators capable of qualifying project and research work and increasing scientific production.



The new laboratory is based on synergy and collaboration and creates a platform for integrating academic environments across research units. This applies to both CBS and KORA, as well as other national and international research communities. The laboratory's activities will primarily be joint research projects and joint research publications. It is the intention that the laboratory will increase the possibilities of integrating collaboration between researchers working with experimental research design and quantitative methods (survey and register data) through a series of workshops focusing on research design and methodology. In addition, a joint seminar series with a broad participation circle is held.

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