• 15.08.2013

    Roundtabling sustainability

    Stefano Ponte has published the article ‘Roundtabling’ sustainability: Lessons from the biofuel industry in Geoforum
  • 15.08.2013

    Governance in global value chains

    Stefano Ponte has published the article 'Explaining governance in global value chains: A modular theory-building effort' in Review of International Political Economy
  • 14.08.2013

    The choice for innovation policy instruments

    Susana Borrás has togehter with Charles Edquist from Lunds University published the article 'The Choice of Innovation Policy Instruments' in Technological Forecasting and Social Change
  • 26.06.2013

    National thought in Europe

    Benedikte Brincker has written the opening remarks on an article discussing Joep Leersen's National Thought in Europe: A Cultural History in the journal Nations and Nationalism
  • 19.06.2013

    What is theory in political science?

    Morten Ougaard contributes with the chapter What is theory in political science? in the anthology What is theory?, a book on theory in social science
  • 10.06.2013

    Ponte publishes an article

    Stefano Ponte, together with Simon Bolwig, Lone Riisgaard, and Peter Gibbon publish the article 'Challenges of Agro-Food Standards Conformity: Lessons from East Africa and Policy Implications' in the European Journal of Development Research