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Bjarke MacCarthy


AlterEcos: Exploring Alternatives to Currently Dominant Forms of Economic Organizing

In the wake of the global financial crisis there was a moment when everyone from media pundits and social protesters to political incumbents and financial investors were rallying to an agenda for change, but now it seems that financial matters have returned to business as usual. Despite persistent investigations into and discussions of the causes and consequences of the crisis, the mode of economic organizing that dominated the financial sector pre-crisis has not been overturned. The present project begins from these insights, but does not seek to explain past events further. Instead the project look to the present in an effort to discover possible futures. Beginning from the study of conspicuous regulatory, sectorial, and societal alternatives, the project will explore prospects for change that already exist within the economic order – not as its radical ‘Other’, but as its ‘second selves’, its AlterEcos. The project simply ask: How do alternatives to currently dominant forms of economic organizing become possible? 

The project has a budget of  5.888 mill. Kr. and will run for three years (2016- 2019).

Further Information: Lektor Sine Nørholm Just .  

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