Department of Business and Politics

About the Department

The Department of Business and Politics is a leading international department that is at the forefront of research at the interface between business and politics in Denmark, the European Union and beyond.


The Department of Business and Politics (DBP) was created in 2011, following the success of the high-profile research-based International Centre of Business and Politics (CBP), which was founded in 2004.



The DBP area of research is located at the interface between the world of business and the world of national and international politics. DBP research is categorized into three research themes: political economy, comparative & European public policy and business & civil society, which cover topics such as business studies, global value chains and global wealth chains, innovation, economic development, comparative political economy, European Union, public policy, philanthropy and civil society.

DBP comprises an interdisciplinary group of scholars from a variety of social science disciplines such as sociology, political science, economics, history and geography. One of the areas of strength of the department is its ability to integrate a wide range of theoretical and methodological approaches.



DBP staff teaches across many educational programmes at CBS. However, DBPs main contribution is to the Bachelor- and Master programmes  in International Business and Politics; Bachelor programme in Business Administration and Sociology; Bachelor programme in European Business and the SDC programme.

The programmes are built up to respond to labour market needs, where students are able to work both nationally and internationally in private and public sectors, due to their critical thinking, analytical skills, and ability to apply a multitude of methods.

The mission of DBP is:


  • to produce ground-breaking research at the intersection between business and politics;
  • to develop high quality research-based international educational programmes at bachelor, master and Ph.D. level;
  • to communicate research-based knowledge in business and politics to business and industry, policy-makers, civil society actors, think-tanks and foundations, from the international to the national and local levels;
  • to disseminate research-based knowledge in business and politics publicly, in Denmark and internationally.
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