Department of Accounting

Tang Ravnkilde Nielsen
External Lecturer

Presentation and academic fields

Spent +10 years within Strategy development and execution including advanced value-based performance management, cost allocation, strategic management, Business intelligent and valuation. First as researcher at department for accounting here at CBS, later as top management consulting for McKinsey & Company / Bain and finally as part of management teams for different Global Private Equity held companies (EQT, Advent International and AP Moller Holding)
My specialty has been to identify shortcomings for medium and larger companies and then perform a larger scale transformation to increase value creation and tracking of value creation execution with final aim to increase Equity valuation. Majority of my work has been with Private Equity or global blue chip companies of which a majority has been outside Denmark

Key competencies:
• Management Accounting
• Profitability analysis
• KPI’s
• Controlling
• Cost Allocation
• Project management
• Business Intelligence
• Data driven decision (Power BI, Datawharehouse etc.)
• Valuation
• Strategy development and execution
• Private Equity Value Capture

Professional and/or academic experience

- Hvordan foretager større danske virksomheder periodiske lønsomhedsmålinger? Ledelse & Erhvervsøkonomi, Jan 2011
- Værdiansættelse - nøgletal fra analytikere, erfaringer fra praksis (Finans Invest 08/09), Finans Invest, Aug 2009
- Advanced cost allocation and performance management, McKinsey Quarterly Modern CFO article series, 2014

Pedagogical experience/method skills/supervision
  • I have been advisor on master thesis and 1 year project at Cand.Merc.FIR and Cand.Merc ASC since 2010
  • I started teaching at CBS as class instructor at International Business & Politics in 2006 within managerial Economic fields
  • For many years while studying I was workshop instructor for HA.alm. HA. Jur. HD etc., mainly within managerial economics
  • While working at department for Accounting & Auditing I made the exam assignments for Financial Statement Analysis
  • While working at Department for Operational Management I made the exam assignments for Virksomhedens Beslutnings analyse as well as Managerial Economics
  • I have conducted coaching of top management consultants while being at McKinsey and Bain.
  • Led overall Recruiting at Copenhagen University at McKinsey and led experienced hire recruiting and coaching at Bain in Denmark