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  • Centre for Owner-Managed Businesses
Poulsen Jørgensen
Center Manager
Room: SOL/C5.27
+45 25159882
Jette Poulsen

Jette P. Jørgensen is the manager of Centre for Owner-Managed Businesses (COMB), Economic Institute (ECON) at Copenhagen Business School (CBS). Jette is responsible for bringing the centres research, knowledge and tools to use in the industry and in the owner-managed businesses. In addition Jette leads and develops the centres research projects and its strategic agenda and organization.

Jette has a broad network among Danish owner-managed businesses and their advisers. Furthermore she has several years of experience with business-transition initiatives and development of owner-managed businesses. Therefore Jette has an in-depth knowledge and focus on relevant research areas linked to owner-managed and family-owned businesses.