Watch video summary from the conference Owner-Management - Now and for the future


Did you miss the owner-management conference? Or do you wish to review it? You have the possibility to do so here!


In February 2015 Centre for Owner-Managed Businesses, Insead and The Danish Industry Foundation held the conference Owner-Management - Now and for the future. At the conference researchers, consultants and owner-managers presented both the newest research and shared hands-on experience. Together they debated roadblocks and potentials for the owner-managed businesses – now and in the future.

In the video below you can se highlights and interviews with the conference-speakers (NB: the video is in Danish).

Behind the conference
80 % of Danish businesses are owner-managed. In the next decade about 17.000 of the owner-managers shall transfer their businesses to new owners. The success of these transitions is essential for the future of both the businesses and the Danish economy. You can read more about Owner-Management in Denmark in Morten Bennedsen and Kasper Meisner Nielsens newest research report.

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