Prof. Niels Westergård-Nielsen: It is too early to cancel the crisis preparedness in the economic policy

In a feature in Børsen, Professor and Head of Research, Centre for Owner Managed Businesses, Niels Westergård-Nielsen explains that it is too early to cancel the crisis preparedness in economic policy as the consequences of the crisis are still notable.


The loss of the self-employed is a problem in particular. At the beginning of the financial crisis, we had 174,000 self-employed in Denmark. By the end of 2017, only 149,000 were left. We are on our way back on track as we were before the crisis in 2008, but we are not there yet.

Job losses during the crisis and the following years could undoubtedly have been reduced if Denmark had been better at pursuing a demand-stimulating policy. It's history now, but it's still possible to learn from history, so we do not repeat the mistakes next time we are experiencing a crisis.

These are among the messages that Professor of Economics and Head of Research Niels Westergård-Nielsen brings in a feature in Børsen on May 3 2018.

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