COMB contributes to a nationwide publication

Professor and Head of Research Niels Westergård-Nielsen, Professor Morten Bennedsen and PhD Ellen M. Korsager contribute to the nationwide release of 'Generations- & Ejerskifte'


In the nationwide publication of "Generations- & Ejerskifte" ("Succession and transfer of ownership") Niels Westergård-Nielsen, Morten Bennedsen and Ellen M. Korsager from the Centre for Owner-Managed Businesses contribute with their latest research.

Niels Westergård-Nielsen and Morten Bennedsen contribute by presenting five questions that owner-managers should ask themselves, in planning the future of their businesses. Among other things, the questions deal with exit models, the role of the family and the financial consequences the transfer of ownership might have.

Ellen M. Korsager introduces "The Ownership Barometer" - a tool to clarify the psychological ownership. The tool divides the owners in four different types depending on the degree of their need for control and identification with the business. The empathetic owner identifies himself greatly with the company, but does not have a huge need for control, while the clarified owner does not feel a strong need for control or identification with the company. The dominant owner is on the contrary self-willed and must make all decisions himself, while the formal owner does not feel that the business fulfills other needs for him than the need to make money.

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