CCP Spring Meeting 2019

Talent management.

Thursday, March 21, 2019 - 10:30 to 16:00

Talent management is an important topic in all organizations, but how can we spot talents who will actually make it to the top? Is talent management a global exercise? And, how do we retain talents to secure our investment? We will dedicate the next CCP meeting to this important topic to map out the state-of-the art and to identify questions for further investigation.

There is an intriguing gap between industry practice and academic research in the field of talent management. The typical research project  describes the path to the top and the people who actually made it. A company, however, is much more concerned about spotting talents, developing talents and retaining talents. One way to characterize this gap is to say that researchers have an ex-post perspective whereas the practitioner’s perspective is ex-ante. The presentations at this CCP meeting will expose this gap, and hopefully our discussions will help close the gap and motivate new projects that will improve our understanding of effective talent management.

The first presentation is by Aleksandra Gregoric. In recent work she has studied board appointments in a Danish context. These appointments have recently attracted significant attention as the diversity perspective has become more prevalent. So, to set the scene, Aleksandra will provide an overview of theories behind board appointments and relate this to recent research on Danish boards.

In the first presentation after lunch Torben Andersen will move the discussion of talent development to the international scene. Together with colleagues from Auckland University of Technology, Torben has studied talent management in 25 Scandinavian companies based in the ASEAN countries. The presentation will shed light on their experiences from this research project and provide perspectives on how local directors of Scandinavian companies based in Singapore think about talent management.

In the second presentation after lunch, we return to the Scandinavian context, but maintain the global outlook. Søren Ellegaard will illustrate how a global organization like Getinge works with talent development. The issue of spotting, growing and distributing talent across a diverse and global organization is particularly challenging as it requires information about local conditions and environments where talents can grow.

The last presentation provides a sneak peak into the future of management. Kristine Bøgh, Jacob Jeppesen and Philip Kyle from Novo Nordisk will present the project “Digitalising the shop floor” – how to distribute people data to relevant managers. In addition to providing examples of how digitalization provides new insights and opportunities; this presentation will show how both talents and managers in the future need to navigate in the nexus between digital information, production and people.


  • 10.30: Arrival
  • 10.45: Welcome by Anders Frederiksen, Aarhus University
  • 11.00: The path to the top: Appointments to board positions, by Aleksandra Gregoric, CBS
  • 11.45: Lunch in Restaurant FUHU at Solbjerg Plads
  • 12.45: Talent management, by Torben Andersen, Aarhus University
  • 13.30: Global talent management in Getinge, by Søren Ellegaard
  • 14.15: Coffee
  • 14.45: Digitalizing the shop floor in Novo Nordisk, by Kristine Bøgh, Jacob Jeppesen and Philip Kyle
  • 15.30: Future CCP activities, by Anders Frederiksen
  • 15.45: End


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