CCP Fall Meeting 2019

Gender gaps.

Thursday, October 31, 2019 - 10:30 to 16:00

Most organizations have a gender gap and spend time on training. But, how big is the gender gap and what can be done about it? And what about training… does it produce returns? 

At this meeting, we map out what we know about gender gaps and training, and we dive deep into two companies to understand what is going on.  

Measuring the gender gap in wages is a non-trivial exercise. While the raw gender gap is just a comparison of means, this comparison may or may not be fair - or even reflect the numbers we are interested in. Ok…  so, labor economists may have good ways of measuring the gap, but what should be done in a company context where the information available for analysis is different? To get a stronger foothold, Herdis Steingrimsdottir (CBS) will present what we know about gender gaps, and how they are measured including all the do’s and don’ts.

Having a solid foundation, Pia Wiid Jakobsen (Danske Bank) will shift the discussion to the company context. Based on a comprehensive study of gender differences, she will shed light on how the bank works towards closing gender gaps. This will take us on a journey through most of the HR functions core areas (recruitment, employer branding, performance management, talent management and more), which emphasizes the complexity of the topic.

In the third presentation, we stay within the firm but shift focus to leadership training. While training is a natural necessity, the positive returns may not always be easy to document. Based on a detailed analysis of leadership training in Salling Group, Joachim Nisgaard will present how the company works with leadership training and their recent effort to document impacts.

The last presentation by Niels Westergård-Nielsen (CBS) will move us back into the comfort zone by assuring us that there are positive returns to education and training. Based on his comprehensive research, he will shed light on how and why the returns to training may vary across individuals, organizations and countries; and he will allude to how new approaches (and data) can be used to gain further insights. Hopefully this, and other presentations, will motivate us all go home and measure (in the best possible ways), with the purpose of gaining new insights to the benefit of our employees and the bottom line.






Welcome by Anders Frederiksen, Aarhus University



The gender gap, by Herdis Steingrimsdottir (CBS)



Lunch in Restaurant FUHU at Solbjerg Plads



Closing the gender gap in Danske Bank, by Pia Wiid Jakobsen



Leadership training in Salling Group, by Joachim Nisgaard






The returns to education and training, by Niels Westergård-Nielsen (CBS)



Future CCP activities, by Anders Frederiksen






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