CCP Fall Meeting 2018

Absentieesm and the “rewarding workplace”.

Thursday, October 11, 2018 - 10:30 to 16:00

Sickness absence is an important topic in all organizations, but it is not the easiest animal to tame. Listening to the public debate doesn’t make it easier, and at times it can be a frustrating experience. One reason for the confusion is that the numbers entering the debate come from different data sources and different types of employees.

We will dedicate the next CCP meeting to the topic of absentieesm and more broardly the “rewarding workplace”, as companies can curb absence by creating value for employees. We will take a deep dive into absence data with the purpose to understand the level and structure of absence both within and across organizations. We will also use the meeting to shed light on how companies measure, use and report on absence, and provide examples of initiatives that have been implemented with the intention to reduce absence (and increase productivity).

CCP is engaged in a benchmark study of sickness absence spanning 8 organizations and we will spend the first part of the meeting discussing the results from the study. A short presentation of results will be given by Anders Frederiksen (AU), leaving room for discussion.  

The presentation after lunch is by Susanne Madsen and Camilla Majgaard from Bestseller. The presentation will shed light on how Bestseller measures, uses and reports on absence and recent initiatives intended to reduce absence.

The third presentation is by Johnny Larsen from Hydrema. Hydrema has recently changed the way they compensate their employees. The new compensation system was implemented with the purpose of increasing productivity, efficienty and presence (the flipside of absence) in the company.

The final presentation is by Alex Bryson (University College London). Alex is an expert in labor economics and has publiched on a broad set of topics. Alex’s  presentation will tap into the topic of absenteeism, but will have a broader perspective. Afterall, absence is just an outcome – working in a rewarding workplace can be an nice way to motivate empoyees to show up at work.



10.30 - Arrival


10.45 - Welcome by Anders Frederiksen, Aarhus University

11.00 - The CCP employee absence project, by Anders Frederiksen

11.45 - Lunch in Restaurant FUHU at Solbjerg Plads

12.45 - Sickness absence in Bestseller, by Susanne Madsen and Camilla Majgaard

13.30 - Pay and productivity in Hydrema, by Johnny Larsen

14.15 - Coffee 

14.45 - The rewarding workplace, by Alex Bryson, University College London 

15.30 - Future CCP activities, by Anders Frederiksen

15.45 - End 


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