CCP Fall Meeting 2017

Thursday, October 5, 2017 - 09:00 to 17:00

The first presentation is by Nina Smith, who will present her resent work on women in management. It is well known that there are relatively few women in managerial positions, but it is still not well understood why. At the same time companies define targets for the proportion of women in management. Ninas presentation will dive deep into the topic and provide new perspectives.

After lunch Henrik Antvor will continue the discussion and present resent work from Vestas on how they address diversity using analytics.

The third presentation by Valerie Smeets shifts focus a bit, but addresses a related topic. Her recent observation is that organizational structures are changing, which has implications for incentives, careers and the supervisor-employee relation through changes in span-of-control. Her most recent work is about to be published in the prestigious Journal of Labor Economics and her presentation will shed light on their findings.

In the final session we will use a concept new to CCP. Many companies are exploring the opportunities available in Success Facors, but such explorations are coupled with questions regarding implementation and are most likely associated with steep learning curves. Vestas (as many of you) is currently working with implementation of Success Factors. For this reason, we have arranged, that Henrik Antvor takes the lead with a short presentation in a discussion section, which has the purpose of sharing information about opportunities and early challenges.





Welcome by Anders Frederiksen, Aarhus University


Gender stereotyping and self-stereotyping attitudes:  A large field study of managers, Nina Smith, Aarhus University


Lunch in Restaurant FUHU at Solbjerg Plads


Diversity: An analytic approach, By Henrik Antvor, Vestas


Performance, career dynamics, and span-of-control, by Valerie Smeets, Aarhus University




Discussion section. Success Factors: opportunities and implementation

Introductory presentation by Henrik Antvor, Vestas, but otherwise the floor is open for discussion and knowledge sharing.


Future CCP activities, by Anders Frederiksen, Aarhus University









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