Center for Corporate Governance


Lars Christian Ohnemus Director of the centre +4538153042
Profile picture First name Last name title phone mail
Niels Westergård-Nielsen Professor +4538152378
Elvira Hvilsted Welling Elvira Mathilde Hvilsted Welling Student assistant
Steen Thomsen Steen Thomsen Professor +4538152590
Lars Rebien Sørensen Lars Rebien Sørensen Adjunct professor
Therese Strand Assistant professor +4538152615
Charlotte Simonsen Charlotte Brendstrup Simonsen Specialkonsulent - Communication and Event Manager Leave: On maternity leave
Olaf Sigurjonsson Associate professor +4538153362
Caspar Rose Associate professor Leave: 01.01.2018-01.01.2019
Foto Larissa Rabbiosi Professor with special responsibilities Leave: On maternity leave
Jette Poulsen Jørgensen Center Manager +4538155600
Thomas Poulsen Associate professor +4538153458
Marianne Philip Adjunct professor
Caren Yinxia Nielsen Postdoc +4538152694
Anders Christian Meelby Anders Christian Meelby Student assistant
Siv Catharina Heireth Levorsen Siv Catharina Heireth Levorsen Student assistant
Casper Berg Lavmand Larsen Casper Berg Lavmand Larsen PhD fellow
Tom Kirchmaier Tom Kirchmaier Professor with special responsibilities +4538152650
Niels Hulgård PhD fellow +4538152432
AleksandraGregorik Aleksandra Gregoric Associate professor +4538152504
Ole Gjessø Andersen Adjunct professor
Melisa Gacic Melisa Gacic Academic officer +4538152415
Davide Cannito Research assistant +4538152543
Christa Winther Børsting PhD fellow +4538152630
Thordis Bjartmarz Thordis Bjartmarz Programme Administrator Leave: On maternity leave