New book on Corporate Governance and Board Decisions

Steen Thomsen, professor at CCG, has published a new book ”Corporate Governance and Board Decisions”.


"Corporate Governance and Board Decisions" takes the reader on an exciting journey through the principles and practice of corporate governance. Written by two internationally respected experts, this book explains how corporate governance contributes to value creation for both business and society, and how transparency, checks and balances, incentive alignment, and stewardship are essential when trying to reduce decision errors and opportunism.

This advanced introduction is aimed at master’s level courses in corporate governance. It addresses students who wish to understand both corporate governance and the directors who practice it. It combines academic rigor with practical recommendations in an informal style.

"Corporate Governance and Board Decisions" is a thoroughly revised and updated replacement of "Corporate Governance: Mechanisms and Systems (2012)".

Steen Thomsen is Professor of Corporate Governance at Copenhagen Business School. He specializes in corporate governance as a teacher, researcher, director and commentator. His main research focus is foundation ownership of business companies.

Martin Conyon is a Trustee Professor at Bentley University. He is also a Senior Fellow and Lecturer at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. His main research focus is board effectiveness, executive compensation, and incentives.

Corporate Governance and Board Decisions











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