Lars Rebien Sørensen appointed adjunct professor at CCG

Chairman of the Novo Nordisk Foundation, Lars Rebien Sørensen is appointed adjunct professor at the Center for Corporate Governance at CBS.

New adjunct professor at CCG: Lars Rebien Sørensen


Center for Corporate Governance is pleased to announce that one of Denmark's most successful business leaders, Chairman of the Novo Nordisk Foundation; Lars Rebien Sørensen has been appointed adjunct professor at the Center for Corporate Governance. Lars Rebien Sørensen is the former CEO of Novo Nordisk and was named the world’s best CEO by Harvard Business Review in 2015 and 2016. Lars has previously been engaged in innovation, marketing and HR and has considerable experience in managing foundation-owned companies, and is a highly respected asset in these areas. With Lars Rebien Sørensen as adjunct professor at the Center for Corporate Governance, we wish to draw on his competencies and contacts in the Danish business community, and support education and research within Board Work and Corporate Governance.

The Novo Nordisk Foundation is one of Denmark's largest industrial foundations and is a good example of long-term ownership which is an important research area at CBS.

We welcome Lars Rebien Sørensen at CBS and look forward to the collaboration.

                                                                              Lars Rebien Sørensen

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