Banking On the Future - A Milestone Event!

On October 30, Copenhagen Business School, together with CCG, PRME, MSC, DIGI and FI hosted the big event, “Banking On the Future – Rethinking the Financial Sector” in celebration of CBS’ 100th anniversary.

Brian Mikkelsen - Minister of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs
Per Holten-Andersen - Presidant of Copenhagen Business School
Per Callesen - Key Note Speaker of the day
Lars Ohnemus & Anna Linda Musacchio Adorisio, Copenhagen Business School
Banking On the Future
Jesper Rangvid - Copenhagen Business School
Jesper Berg - CEO, Finanstilsynet

We would like to thank everyone who participated and/or contributed to our milestone event, “Banking On the Future – Rethinking the Financial Sector” in celebration of CBS’ 100th anniversary on October 30, 2017.

We are very happy with the outcome of the event, which included broad and profitable discussions concerning banking within the next 100 years. The event offered insightful dialogues and speeches leaving food for thought and touched upon a new agenda of the future of the financial sector.

We would like to express our gratitude to all participators, speakers, and staff members of the day, all making the event possible to carry out.

Presentations and media cover

Presentations from speakers on the different tracks will continuously be uploaded on this page. Please note that only some presentations will be available due to the acceptance of the individual speakers.

PDF icon Oscar Stolper - Presentation

PDF icon Gylfi Magnusson - Presentation

PDF icon Speech of Per Callesen

PDF icon Safia Aoude - Presentation

PDF icon Jesper Rangvid - Presentation

PDF icon Jesper Berg - Presentation

Our event was broadly covered by media and has led to important and interesting articles covering some of the main points of the day. Links to articles regarding the event will continuously be uploaded in the section below:





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