PhD Programmes


Among the ten leading Business Schools in the world in the area of doctoral research programmes, CBS covers all of the classic disciplines related to the management of public and private companies, such as business economics, legal and language topics. Due to this broad academic scope, CBS has organized its PhD programmes in three PhD schools with each their own academic profile. Read more about the PhD programmes at CBS, applications, admissions, scholarships, the three PhD schools and current regulations etc. by clicking on the links below.

CBS LAW is part of the PhD school BM (Doctoral School of Business and Management) along with a number of other CBS departments. CBS LAW is in charge of the PhD fellows affiliated with CBS LAW. See a list of PhD fellows under the menu option 'staff'.

The purpose of CBS LAWs PhD programme is to cater to the university sector as well the business sector and society in general.

A PhD fellow must, by way of independent research, write a PhD thesis adhering to high academic and methodological standards. Usually, the programme includes an extended stay at a foreign university and participation in various research courses.

CBS LAW is also a member of the Danish Legal Research Education Programme (Jurforsk). The purpose of JurForsk is both to ensure that the legal research programmes in Denmark are of a high standard and to promote increased internationalization by widening the participating institutions’ international networks. JurForsk’s course programme offers both basic and specialized courses.



Ph.d. Coordinator and JurForsk
Lektor Marie-Louise Holle

Secretary Anni Olesen


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