U.S. State Proposals Concerning Pharmaceutical Pricing: Preliminary thoughts


CBS LAW hosted the seminar on 11 June, 2019.



The main speaker of the seminar was professor Mike Mireles, Professor of Law and Director of the Intellectual Property Concentration at University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento, California, USA.

Associate Professor Henrik Andersen, from CBS LAW, was instrumental in organizing the seminar and Assistant Professor Vishv Priya Kohli, CBS LAW, served as the discussant.

The development and distribution of pharmaceuticals from conception to market is a complicated and highly regulated process in the United States. The pricing of pharmaceuticals is also complex, and at time, opaque. The seminar resulted in thought provoking and stimulating discussion centered around the issues of pharmaceutical pricing in the US and how it is different from the EU structure.

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