Appointment of Jan Trzaskowski to Consumer Policy Panel


Professor at CBS LAW, Jan Trzaskowski has been appointed as a professional expert to the newly established Panel of Consumer Policy where he will draw upon his particular knowledge of consumer policy and regulation.


The Consumer Policy Panel is being established by the Minister of Industry in continuation of the government's consumer policy initiative.

The Panel of Consumer Policy's tasks are to:

  • Discuss the importance of new digital business models for consumers and the challenges they can create in relation to regulation and enforcement.
  • Discuss how consumer data can create value for consumers and what challenges there may be in promoting new solutions and business models, for instance, based on consumers own data.
  • Discuss results of behavioral research in the consumer field, which is launched on the basis of consumer policy initiatives.
  • Discuss additional relevant consumer policy themes.
  • Contribute to the development of public consumer information.

The Panel will consist of 7 permanent members, appointed by the Minister of Industry, on the recommendation of the participating organizations and independent authorities. Furthermore, the Minister of Industry appoints two professional experts with special knowledge of consumer policy and regulation of the recommendation of the Competition and Consumer Agency. One of these 2 professional experts is Jan Trzaskowski.

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