CBS Minor in Business Law and Economics

We would like to invite students around the world to take part in our investigation of and education in the connection and relationship between business law, management and economics.

CBS Minor in Business Law and Economics

At Copenhagen Business School you can take part in our interdisciplinary research-based education in business law, management, and law and economics. The CBS minor in Business Law and Economics is a one semester intensive program based on more than 30 years of experience in interdisciplinary research and education in business law and economics. We focus on the efficiency of the legal system in regard to business and society, game theory and legal institutions, negotiation, the internal market, negotiations and international legal problems. We believe the economic analysis of the law contributes on several levels to optimizing the knowledge and use of business law and contracts.

The semester consists of:

Mandatory courses


Course description


The Economics and Business Strategies of European integration

This course concerns economic and strategic management in EU, European integration, EUs Economic and Monetary Union, macro-economics and EU-institutions, and thus, competition in EU in a business perspective.


Strategy and economics

Advanced     Game Theory

Game theory has a significant impact on contracting both between private parties and legal institutions. This course focus on creating efficient game theory based business solutions.


Negotiation - Theory and Practice

This elective consists of negotiation theory, collaboration, biases in decision making, strategy, repeted games, multi- party business negotiations, settlements, team negotiations and cross-cultural negotiations



Law and management

The world is changing and today’s and future businesses must bring law into the management perspective. This course is a Yale invention and Professor Constance Bagley from Yale School of management has approved the use at this specific course at CBS. This course consists of legal and economic lectures in law and management theory and economic efficiency theory







If you participate in this semester programme you will be joined in some of the courses by students enrolled in the Master of Science programme in Business Administration and Commercial Law, which is otherwise primarily taught in Danish.

The MSc in Business Administration and Commercial Law provides our students with legal and economic expertise. Today’s business must be competitive in an international environment with complicated legal rules. In our programme the students work on analysing and solving the economic and legal problems which companies encounter in an increasing global competition and the ever-increasing demands from Danish legislation and the EU. Our students gain these skills through a unique integration of subject as business economics and commercial law. During the studies our students experience a progressive, internationally oriented work method, which consists of a combination of law and the company’s other management tools.

The economic discipline “law and economics” has a high profile in our study programme. You will benefit from more than 30 years of specific research at the highest international economic and legal level.

Join us for this semester and be a part of our mission to develop the law through the application of economic theory and visa versa in a business and welfare perspective.

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The international minor is offered in the autumn semester