6th Copenhagen Conference on Emerging Multinationals: Outward Investment from Emerging Economies



Multinational companies from emerging economies (EMNCs) have become major players in the globalized world economy and wield growing influence on economic dynamics in developed, emerging, and developing countries alike. Firms and governments in developed countries increasingly need to engage with the array of challenges and opportunities presented by emerging-economy multinationals seeking access to markets and assets. Important impacts of outward direct investment from emerging economies (OFDI) are also be felt in developing host countries, where investments from emerging economies are becoming more and more significant. No less important are the effects in the home countries of the outward investing firms themselves. The rise of outward investment from emerging and developing countries requires further scrutiny theoretically, empirically and methodologically.


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Otto Mønsteds Fond, Carlsbergfondet/Conferences, Østasiatisk Kompagni



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