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Monitoring the Danish Impact on Global Warming and the Influence of the National Energy Transformation Efforts on the Production Price of Danish Electricity (Danish Impact on Global Warming)


The main purpose of this proposed project is to develop two indicators that measure the progress towards a fossil independent Denmark. The proposed indicators are to be developed within the following framework:- It is the idea to develop a metric system for monitoring the progress towards a fossil independent society. The key component of this metric system is an overall indicator that accurately measures progress towards a fossil independent economy.- The ambition is that the overall indicator should be used in parallel with existing economic indicators (e.g. GDP, budget deficit, and inflation) for evaluating the health of the Danish economy. The objective is to have a set of non‐partisan economic indicators covering the entire economy.- The overall indicator should be based on a set of indicators. It is important that these indicators are transparent and widely accepted.- The indicators should be constructed in a way that allows for updating as new data becomes available so that progress towards reducing Denmark’s carbon footprint can be consistently evaluated. The indicators will be calculated for the most recent year possible as well as for 5 and 10 years earlier.


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