Dealing with a Resurgent China (DWARC)


This consortium recognises the resurgence of China as a top tier great power is changing the world, and the EU needs to develop along-term approach based on knowledge to engage strategically with the resurgent and increasingly assertive China as well as theglobal changes unleashed thereby, including the process of selective ‘de-coupling’ and persistent US-China tension. To assist this,this consortium will bring together some of the best researchers across seven countries to work in a synergetic way to build up a world class independent knowledge base on China in Europe. We will do so by engaging in critical scientific research, nurturing a generation of younger scholars and building up a collaborative network that endures. The key subjects we will address will cover allthe key areas identified in the Horizon call, namely, society and culture, politics, economy and foreign policy. Furthermore, this consortium will prioritise impact and dissemination for the EU, the corporate world, the media and the wider public across Europe. The building up of independent knowledge on a resurgent China will enable the EU to better deal with it.




Horizon Europe

Collaborative partners:

Autonomous University of Madrid, SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Bruegel, Asia Centre, Fondation Nationales Sciences Politiques, Universita degli studi del Piemonte orientale amaedeo avogadro, , Ruhr University Bochum



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